Take a Step Closer!

Teams and Guests

Team Member in GhanaWe love our supporters and feel honored that they are willing to walk alongside us in ministry. There are a couple of ways we invite donors to take a step closer to ministry, to better understand the people and places God is touching through International Needs.

Global Ministry Teams involve people like you from the United States traveling to one of our ministry sites for a project, program, or vision trip. National Tours with International Guests involve staff members from International Needs ministries coming to visit the USA to speak in churches and small groups.

Both Global Ministry Teams and National Tours are important pieces for building ministry relationships.

Global Ministry Teams

Hearing stories about our ministries is powerful, but actually seeing them is life-changing.

Global Ministry Teams give you the opportunity to walk alongside International Needs workers and demonstrate your partnership face-to-face. As part of a team that travels to ministry sites, you get to see that what we do is real and that it changes lives forever.

Visit our Global Ministry Teams page to learn how you can be part of a team.


National Tours with International Guests

At International Needs, we are fortunate to have a wealth of Christians from many different countries working together to serve the Lord. One wonderful benefit to this is that we regularly have visitors from our ministry countries who are eager to share ministry stories with churches, small groups, community groups, and schools.

Visit our International Guests page to learn how you can connect with a visitor from International Needs.