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Trokosi Gallery

Ghana Trokosi Freedom Trip*

September 6-13, 2012

Freedom From What?

Ghana Ministry

One of the best ways to grow in faith and renew your passion for ministry is to connect with Christians who face great spiritual and physical needs in other countries. The focus of the Trokosi Freedom trip is to cast a vision of what is possible for First Covenant's ongoing partnership with I.N. Network Ghana, including the potential for future service projects and church work teams.

Human slavery is alive and active in the world. The Trokosi system in Ghana means that a virgin girl is sent to her village shrine to live in order to appease the traditional gods. She is a sacrifice for crimes allegedly committed by her elder family members. She lives in the shrine for the rest of her life, suffering countless abuses at the hands of the fetish priest. She is molested and raped, beaten, and denied the most basic necessities.

Through the Trokosi Freedom project, I.N. Network is committed to free every last woman and girl enslaved by the Trokosi practice. The more people that get involved and educated about the Trokosi system, the sooner we will be able to say goodbye to this practice forever. 

Some Trip Highlights

  • Attend the I.N. Network Annual Conference of 100+ pastors and staff from throughout Ghana where Paster Craig Swanson will be keynote speaker, and join Ghanaian believers in worship of our Lord and Savior.
  • See first-hand what God is doing among former Trokosi girls and vulnerable women trapped in the web of human trafficking.
  • Visit local villages to gain an understanding of their culture and interact with the fetish priests and villagers.
  • Get to know at-risk women getting a new start at the Adidome Vocational Training Center.
  • Visit one of the I.N. Network schools and meet the children.
  • Meet with Executive Director Walter Pimpong, who is supported by First Cov.
    Rev. Pimpong was instrumental in freeing the first Trokosi women and works tirelessly to help marganalized people of Ghana.

*This trip is for friends of First Covenant Church. If your group would like to participate in a similar experience contact

Click here for more information about our ministries in Ghana.

Cost and Payment Schedule

Cost for team members is $2,600* per person. Think you can't afford it? See Funding Your Trip below for ideas.

  • $400 Due with application
  • $1,200 Due by April 30, 2012
  • $1,000 Due by July 31, 2012 

*Trip cost includes round trip airfare and taxes from Grand Rapids, accommodations, meals, visa, and travel/health insurance. Does not include passport, immunizations, or meals en-route. I.N. Network makes every effort to keep costs at the stated level, but final trip cost depends on airfare at time of booking. Please note that frequent flyer miles cannot be used on this trip.


Meeting Your Sponsored Child

One of the experiences that means so much to team members is getting to meet their sponsored child while they are in Ghana. If you sponsor a child in Ghana we will do everything in our power to set up a meeting.

If you don't currently sponsor a child in Ghana, give it some prayerful thought! This sponsorship relationship is very special and meeting your child is a once-in-a-lifetime experience! For more information about sponsoring a child click here.


Funding Your Trip

I.N. Network USA is committed to help team members fund their trips. Sample support letters, along with giving cards, are available for team members to send out to friends and family. Past team members have been able to raise the full amount for their trips by being strategic in asking for help and following up with friends and family. Support can be sent to the I.N. Network USA office in Zeeland, Michigan.

Here's how it works: support that is sent in for your trip is directly credited to your account. Your supporters receive a receipt for tax purposes. I.N. Network USA is a 501(c)(3) ministry and all trip support is 100% tax deductible.

A financial support stipend will be available from First Cov to complement personal fundraising and prayer support efforts.

Get Started!

If you are considering this mission/vision trip, please contact Susan Meschino as soon as possible at (616) 773-9924 or email her.

If you have questions about the trip, please call or email Margit de Jong. Margit is I.N. Network USA's Global Ministry Team Coordinator. Her job is to help you to have a great and meaningful experience. Margit assists with flight arrangements, trip insurance, pre-trip devotions, and is available to answer any questions you have about your trip. Are you intrigued but unsure about something? Call Margit! She's a great resource!

Download the application.

For more information, email or call (616) 748-9620.