God Changed Me - Slovakia

Jozef with GuitarMy name is Jozef and I am 26 years old. I'm part of a Gypsy community in the village of Cinobana. I would like to share how God rescued me from darkness and brought me into His kingdom.

There was a time in my life when I was walking in darkness. I hated my parents and everyone around me. I even hated myself. Everything about my lifestyle spoke of desperation: smoking cigarettes, drinking a lot of alcohol, sexual sins, and both using and dealing drugs within our Gypsy community.

There was no peace in me, yet I longed for love.

In 2001 a friend shared with me the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was overwhelmed by the fact that Jesus loves me. I let go of the bitterness and cried out many years of pain and loneliness.

That day I gave my life to Jesus.

As God began to bring people in our village out of darkness and into His kingdom, we started meeting for prayer and worship in my apartment. Our small group grew and the Lord led us to contact a local church to ask if they would help us to grow spiritually. We have been meeting with them for the last five years.

Now that I have been saved by Jesus, I have many dreams for how I can serve Him. He has given me musical abilities, leadership skills, and a heart for my people. I want to grow in my ability to serve others and am thankful when I can receive training.

My life is a testimony to the grace of God. I was in the darkest place with no way out. A friend shared Jesus Christ with me and I was given a second chance. I now have hope for a future of serving the Lord and bringing others to the light of His saving grace. My mission is to fulfill Jesus' command to go and make disciples of all nations. I want to spread the gospel to everyone, especially to my own people, the Gypsies.

Five years ago, I.N. Network Slovakia started ministering specifically to the Gypsy population in Cinobana. The ministry has grown primarily through personal evangelism, with the gospel spreading among teens and young adults. The first few converts have started a groundswell of interest in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In Jozef's case he shared the gospel with his family, resulting in the conversion and baptism of his mom.

I.N. Network Slovakia needs financial support for workers like Jozef and his work with the Gypsies. His story is echoed by community workers and youth workers in other areas of Slovakia. Can you help? Click here to learn more about the Cinobana ministry.