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Colombian Boy2013 Year in Review

Does your support really matter? Absolutely!

Here's a fun graphic to show you what your support did in 2013!

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Ghana Vocational Training StudentChanging the Message

In some remote areas of Ghana, women are seen as second class citizens. As property. Messages are burned into a woman's heart and mind from the time she is a little girl. You are helpless. You are weak. You are no good.

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Critical Need for Heart Surgery

Boy in Ghana

Ten-year-old Kelvin from Ghana needs open heart surgery and his family simply can't afford to pay for it. Can you help save this little boy's life?

Two years ago, Kelvin seemed to be a perfectly healthy kid. But in the middle of the summer in 2013 he started complaining of neck pain and felt exhausted all the time. Kelvin was no longer the active kid his family recognized, but a tired and extremely sick little boy.

Kelvin's mom tried to get the help her son needed, but nobody could figure out what the problem was and he continued to get worse. Finally a doctor put the mysterious pieces together and referred him to a cardiothoracic center where he was diagnosed with a severely defective heart valve. This means that Kelvin needs open heart surgery to replace the defective heart valve.

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