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Worker PrayingWorkers in Nepal

Executive Director Esther Thapa continues to try to connect with all the International Needs workers in Nepal. So far, the workers she has been able to contact are unharmed, but they are dealing with extensive damage or destruction of their homes.

Both Dilliram (Worker Coordinator) and Rabindra (Sponsorship Coordinator) live in rented homes that have sunk and cracked severely. Both are looking for new homes to rent for their families in a time when so many homes around them have been destroyed and new rental options are scarce.

Esther reports that one worker lost her home and is unable to check on her family because of the dangerous road conditions.

Please continue to pray for all these workers as they seek to minister to others while experiencing great personal need.

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Nepali BoySponsored Children In Nepal

In the aftermath of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Nepal, we know child sponsors are concerned about their children and are eager for news about their safety.

IN Nepal Sponsorship Coordinator Rabindra Subba reports that the few children he has been able to contact are safe. However, communication systems such as telephone, internet, and cell service are spotty at best, so getting in contact with the 102 sponsored children is an enormous task. We will continue to update you as we have more information.

Please pray with us for Rabindra as he works to connect with each child.

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How You Can Help in Nepal

Handing out supplies

On Saturday, April 25, International Needs (IN) community worker Shiva Raj Dhimal and his son were on their way to show the JESUS film to a village in eastern Nepal. 

That same morning, in central Nepal, several dozen villagers from Lamasagu village gathered for a church service.

Just before noon local time, a 75-mile-long fault line beneath the Kathmandu Valley shifted, convulsing the earth for 1-2 terrifying minutes.

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake rattled the topography of Nepal and its people, propelling the ancient city southward by ten harrowing feet and sending shockwaves into neighboring countries.

Shiva Raj Dhimal was unscathed, but his son remains in the ICU. 

Tragically, 15 members of the Lamasagu church service perished. Four days after the quake, fellow villagers finally managed to extricate their bodies from the rubble.

“They had all been buried in one hand-dug grave,” reports IN Nepal Executive Director Esther Thapa (pictured upper right)  who visited the scene. “The area bore a stench of rotting human and animal bodies.” Read more...

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